Kedarnath Disaster is a Manmade Disaster

The big example of the line 'as you saw so you reap' is Kedarnath disaster. People can say it is a natural disaster but what do you think!? Is it nature's own made disaster? No, at least I don't think that it's natural. I believe that it is man made disaster. Many of you who is reading this post may not agree on this. So, please read the next few lines and decide yourself that who is responsible for this.

Kedarnath: Before and After Disaster

People always used to play with nature but never think that if nature play a small game with us than what can be happened. The Kedarnath is one of the example of this. The age of Kedarnath is unknown to us. According to the Hindu mythology the temple is standing here since the period of Mahabharata. By that time, the temple was standing almost alone waiting only for the devotees. The temple was made in such a way that the nature had dug two lines for water to flow down whenever water comes from the peaks surrounded by Kedarnath itself. For a long period the temple and its surroundings have been facing so many disaster but what happened this time!? Why the place cant save itself this time from this rain!? Just because of our social development and evolution. As the Kedarnath is a historical place and so many people visit the place every year. People and the Government begin to think of earning profit from this place. Therefore many infrastructures have begun to rise and by these the natural surroundings have been destroyed.  Due to these unplanned development, the two river beds besides Kedarnath have been filled gradually every year including the low lands. Therefore the natural way of flowing the rainwater that comes from the peaks has been obstructed. We left no way to the rainwater that can flow naturally in its way and the river had no option left without flooding the area. So, I think you will agree with me that the Kedarnath disaster is not a natural disaster instead its a man made disaster and we are solely responsible for what has happened there, we the people are responsible for the lives that has been lost.

Friends, we are just running after the development day by day even not giving a little attention that how the development is ruining the nature. We are destroying the nature in the name of development of society; we are making big buildings but not seeding a tree which holds the environment. What development is this friend which is taking us to the end !?

So, now its our turn to think again about the real development and take some steps to save the nature to save ourselves.